The impact of electronic insurance requirements on the level of application and return An exploratory study in the Iraqi National Insurance Company / Basra Branch


  • خليل ابراهيم عيسى Shatt Al-Arab University College
  • وفاء علي سلطان College of management and economy/University of Basrah
  • باسل جبار عجيل College of management and economy/University of Basrah


electronic insurance requirements, application and return


The study aims to determine the relationship between the requirements of electronic insurance with its dimensions (technical resources, human resources, infrastructure, and financial resources) with the levels of its application and the return achieved from the application, and through research and investigation to identify the problem, the researchers reached to identify it in the National Insurance Company in Basra The researchers used the questionnaire form to collect data and information from the study sample amounting to (55) questionnaire representing the adult study population  where it was processed and analyzed statistically, and testing the hypotheses of the study according to the program (Spss, v.23). The importance of the study is evident for insurance companies to benefit from Internet applications in its field of work, which results in providing huge opportunities for it to develop its business, which helps in its development and expansion of its business apply it.