Digital Marketing Sense in Financial Services: Academic Programs or Training Practices


  • Ali Thamer Ali Al-Ibadi Department of Buisness Administration, Private University Education in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Iraq
  • Hanan Nagem Alden Mahmood AL-dulaimi Department of Business Administration Administrative and Financial in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Iraq
  • Hayder Yahya Qasim Albo Drejah Department of Business Administration Minister Office in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Iraq


dynamic world, financial marketing trends, academic programs, training practices, modern sense, global challenges, intellectual competencies


Purpose- The main purpose of the current paper is the dynamic world development of marketing trends towards financial services i.e., digital currencies and e-marketing through effective strategies for academic programs and/ or training practices. The academic and training courses are significantly changed by nature, especially if they compared with earlier ones; courses were traditional, rigid and cannot compete with global challenges. Recently, many indicators view those educational programs as a source of investment and the competition becomes more complicated due to large amount of public universities, private ones in addition to training centers and institutes. Furthermore, the competition expands to include the intellectual competencies and skills of academic staffs to employee their knowledge and abilities toward teaching digital marketing programs and its adoption in financial services with a modern sense, it becomes a sense of practicing rather than theoretical ones.

Design- Methodology- Approach- The current paper presents a marketing approach through using case study- this method presents answers for “how?” e.g., (some programs are organized); and “why?” e.g., (certain programs are adopted); then analyzing the results that allow to understand the contemporary phenomenon.

Finding- although, many pessimistic views are registered but the future of developing competencies and skills is bright due to the globalization which has its effects on Iraq as on other worldwide countries. Moreover, annual or semi-annual developing strategies should be adopted, if possible, to change the reality of education & internship according to Iraqi market and its changes.

Originality- Value- authors are pleased because they are valor enough to work on this topic in environment like Iraq due to the dynamic challenges that could limited its results but at the same time, it presents a positive chance to evaluate the current situation and presents lessons for changing the future.