Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences en-US (Dr Ayad Mohammed Jabbar) (Dr Hyader Nasser Kh) Wed, 31 Jan 2024 05:03:50 -0500 OJS 60 The Crime of Bribery in the Private sector – A study in Iraqi law <p>The crime of bribery in the private sector is one of the important issues affecting the social and economic aspects, as it contributes to the disintegration and disintegration of society, especially if it is rooted in the minds of the people of society as a source of easily accessible financial resources, which is followed by some of those in charge of private institutions, and bribery in the private sector was It is still one of the biggest major obstacles to reform, development and investment, as it has a clear negative impact on private sector entities, and thus has a negative impact on the national economy. What increases the seriousness of this crime is the conviction of its perpetrators of the validity of their illegal behaviour, so the legislator would not have stood by and watched. From this rapidly expanding spread, he addressed this situation by criminalizing some new forms of corruption, including bribery in the private sector, and thus they were included in the amended Integrity and Illegal Gain Commission Law No. 30 of 2011 .</p> Zuhair Khraibet Khalaf Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500 The impact of economic feasibility studies on eliminating failures in strategic banking performance An analytical study in some Basra banks <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Economic feasibility studies are important in our country to encourage successful investment and analyze financial risks, whether those risks are systemic, represented by economic, political, security, environmental, and natural, which cannot be avoided by all investors, or those non-systemic risks that can be avoided by controlling management errors and lack of financial liquidity, or through diversification of tools. Finance and its derivatives, building investment portfolios and managing them with complete efficiency, and the like). As security concerns increase, the tendency and desire to invest in a particular region decreases, and vice versa. As a result, the demand for feasibility studies decreases or increases in proportion to the aforementioned relationship, depending on the type of markets and their efficiency, which depends on the presence of financial analysts, experts, and consultants or not. The current research came as an attempt to narrow the gap between the efficient financial level represented by the performance of developed banks and the performance of our local banks. I hope that it meets the needs and requirements of those wishing to start financial projects and move towards investment in our country, to clarify the true picture of the requirements for the success of any project, as it examines the technical, scientific, administrative, economic and engineering aspects and delve into their contents to serve as a work plan and with a great deal of accuracy about the information in order to reach rational decisions. No matter what. The spending was on economic feasibility studies and information, which are certainly always less than the costs of failure in projects that are not based on an economic feasibility study, and I think we all agree with this opinion. In response to the calls of the reconstruction revolution, whose echoes are growing in our dear, wounded and healthy homeland, in order to prevent failures and improvised attempts by curious and meddlesome people who do not follow the correct path in the business world. &nbsp;This research was organized into five chapters, the first for the methodological aspect of four, the second for concepts and economic feasibility studies, while the third chapter dealt with the topic of strategies for measuring project performance efficiency and the reasons for project failure. The fourth chapter was concerned with the statistical analysis of exploratory sample data, while the fifth chapter was concerned with presenting conclusions and recommendations .</p> Hani Fadhil jumea Al-Shawi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500 Study and analysis of factors affecting domestic liquidity in commercial banks in the Iraqi economy for the duration (2008-2018) <p>The local liquidity consisting of the narrow cash supply M1 and the offer of m2 is one of the most important affects the Iraqi economy through commercial banks, due to the rise of the net currency in trading and current deposits as well as the stability of crude oil export rates, but its decline is due to political crises and wars, including the terrorist war of ISIS, control of oil wells and the sale of products at low prices.&nbsp; The study examined the analysis of the factors affecting the supply of cash and the statement of its impact, whether deflationary or expansionist, as well as the factors affecting bank liquidity and thus showing its impact on the Iraqi economy</p> اخلاص عبد الكاظم رمضان البوسليمي, Youssef Ali Abd AL-asadi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500 The Effect Of Competitive intelligence in lmprovement Sustainable Competitive advantage <p>The study aims to diagnose and analyze the role of competitive intelligence in improving sustainable competitive advantage. The problem of the study revolves around several fundamental questions, most notably what is the nature of the role that competitive intelligence plays in improving sustainable competitive advantage in the banks under study? These questions have been developed based on what came in the results of a preliminary survey prepared for this purpose. The importance of the study is represented in the field dimension based on clarifying and explaining the role of competitive intelligence and sustainable competitive advantage in banks, the field of study. As the Iraqi private banks were selected as a community to conduct the study, a deliberate sample consisting of (55) individuals from the upper, middle and executive levels of management was elected. The study reached several conclusions, most notably that there is a strong, positive and significant correlation between competitive intelligence and sustainable competitive advantage, and there is a direct impact of competitive intelligence on sustainable competitive advantage. As for the most important recommendations that the study came up with, they are paying more attention by the study sample bank departments to improve the level of implementation of the practices of the dimensions of competitive intelligence in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.</p> Dalal kadhuim dohan, Layla Lfta Ali, Ali Ghabash Mohammed Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500 Digital Marketing Sense in Financial Services: Academic Programs or Training Practices <p><strong>Purpose- </strong>The main purpose of the current paper is the dynamic world development of marketing trends towards financial services i.e., digital currencies and e-marketing through effective strategies for academic programs and/ or training practices. The academic and training courses are significantly changed by nature, especially if they compared with earlier ones; courses were traditional, rigid and cannot compete with global challenges. Recently, many indicators view those educational programs as a source of investment and the competition becomes more complicated due to large amount of public universities, private ones in addition to training centers and institutes. Furthermore, the competition expands to include the intellectual competencies and skills of academic staffs to employee their knowledge and abilities toward teaching digital marketing programs and its adoption in financial services with a modern sense, it becomes a sense of practicing rather than theoretical ones.</p> <p><strong>Design- Methodology- Approach-</strong> The current paper presents a marketing approach through using case study- this method presents answers for “how?” e.g., (some programs are organized); and “why?” e.g., (certain programs are adopted); then analyzing the results that allow to understand the contemporary phenomenon.</p> <p><strong>Finding- </strong>although, many pessimistic views are registered but the future of developing competencies and skills is bright due to the globalization which has its effects on Iraq as on other worldwide countries. Moreover, annual or semi-annual developing strategies should be adopted, if possible, to change the reality of education &amp; internship according to Iraqi market and its changes.</p> <p><strong>Originality- Value- </strong>authors are pleased because they are valor enough to work on this topic in environment like Iraq due to the dynamic challenges that could limited its results but at the same time, it presents a positive chance to evaluate the current situation and presents lessons for changing the future.&nbsp;</p> Ali Thamer Ali Al-Ibadi, Hanan Nagem Alden Mahmood AL-dulaimi, Hayder Yahya Qasim Albo Drejah Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500 The impact of electronic insurance requirements on the level of application and return An exploratory study in the Iraqi National Insurance Company / Basra Branch <p>The study aims to determine the relationship between the requirements of electronic insurance with its dimensions (technical resources, human resources, infrastructure, and financial resources) with the levels of its application and the return achieved from the application, and through research and investigation to identify the problem, the researchers reached to identify it in the National Insurance Company in Basra The researchers used the questionnaire form to collect data and information from the study sample amounting to (55) questionnaire representing the adult study population &nbsp;where it was processed and analyzed statistically, and testing the hypotheses of the study according to the program (Spss, v.23). The importance of the study is evident for insurance companies to benefit from Internet applications in its field of work, which results in providing huge opportunities for it to develop its business, which helps in its development and expansion of its business apply it.</p> خليل ابراهيم عيسى, وفاء علي سلطان, باسل جبار عجيل Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Shatt Al-Arab University College for Administrative and Legal Sciences Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 -0500