Study and analysis of factors affecting domestic liquidity in commercial banks in the Iraqi economy for the duration (2008-2018)


  • اخلاص عبد الكاظم رمضان البوسليمي College of management and economy/University of Basrah
  • Youssef Ali Abd AL-asadi College of management and economy/University of Basrah


Local liquidity, influencing factors, commercial banks


The local liquidity consisting of the narrow cash supply M1 and the offer of m2 is one of the most important affects the Iraqi economy through commercial banks, due to the rise of the net currency in trading and current deposits as well as the stability of crude oil export rates, but its decline is due to political crises and wars, including the terrorist war of ISIS, control of oil wells and the sale of products at low prices.  The study examined the analysis of the factors affecting the supply of cash and the statement of its impact, whether deflationary or expansionist, as well as the factors affecting bank liquidity and thus showing its impact on the Iraqi economy