The Crime of Bribery in the Private sector – A study in Iraqi law


  • Zuhair Khraibet Khalaf Department Law - Shatt Al-Arab University College


Bribery, Private sector, Integrity commission


The crime of bribery in the private sector is one of the important issues affecting the social and economic aspects, as it contributes to the disintegration and disintegration of society, especially if it is rooted in the minds of the people of society as a source of easily accessible financial resources, which is followed by some of those in charge of private institutions, and bribery in the private sector was It is still one of the biggest major obstacles to reform, development and investment, as it has a clear negative impact on private sector entities, and thus has a negative impact on the national economy. What increases the seriousness of this crime is the conviction of its perpetrators of the validity of their illegal behaviour, so the legislator would not have stood by and watched. From this rapidly expanding spread, he addressed this situation by criminalizing some new forms of corruption, including bribery in the private sector, and thus they were included in the amended Integrity and Illegal Gain Commission Law No. 30 of 2011 .