Managing the performance of health activities by following the example of Bloom's cognitive domain model to achieve patient safety


  • Hani Fadhil Shatt al-Arab University College



Bloom's model;, performance evaluation;, poor health performance;, health effort evaluation; , the five famous performance models;


The researcher is trying to evaluate the performance management of health activities by developing the steps of the Bloom model for the cognitive domain to evaluate various health activities, as a purposeful scientific contribution in the time of the deadly epidemic Corona and its subsequent generations - that model that focuses on the level, description and actions that can be used in knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, installation and evaluation of the activity health in hospitals. The various health activities in hospitals were categorized according to what was reported by Bloom, as he answers the research problem that emerged through the researcher’s observation of the lack of experimentation attempts in our hospitals or the initiative towards evaluating health performance according to a creative model, as the five famous performance measurement models in measuring jobs in hospitals were reviewed.

 In measuring jobs in hospitals, it is one of the attempts that have been applied in some hospitals in the world, consisting of a series of multiple indicators to be able to monitor and monitor its activities in a way that meets its aspirations and achieves patient safety. Especially when we are in the time of epidemics such as (Covid 19), (O-micron) (Alpha mutated) etc.


Therefore, a task model was elected whose steps are compatible with the evaluation of health performance, its presentation and discussion for the purpose of evaluating the health effort in the face of these diseases and saving the injured whose numbers exceeded what all local hospital lobbies could not accommodate.

This research was divided into three sections, the first of which contained the theoretical side, and the second was devoted to the practical side.